Arafudo Art Annual 2014!

Festival of Art, Tsuchiyu Onsen, FUKUSHIMA

Outline 2013

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Sep 6th to Oct 14th. 2013

It is the meaning “ARAFUDO” steps on “first snow of the season firmly”. The dialect of the Tohoku district in Japan.

It is the special feature that this Art Festival used as the first trial in Tsuchiyu Onsen-cho has a dialog of a various level over the field of not only work exhibition but art culture, or industry and science.

Tsuchiyu Onsen-cho is in a national park. 212 families (432 persons) live. A schoolchild is nine persons.
It is the small Onsen (hot spring) town where aging is progressing most also in Fukushima-City.

The big earthquake which hit the Tohoku district on March 11, 2011.
It was connected to the nuclear power plant disaster after that. It has left tsunami damage, radioactivity damage and the damage caused by rumors, and the scar that does not yet disappear greatly to East Japan. Although this site is Fukushima Prefecture, a dose of radiation is low.
However, 16 Onsen hotels are 11 houses now before an earthquake disaster. 1/3 was driven into discontinuance of business.

We could leave what to the future now when an earthquake, tsunami, radioactivity and a damage caused by rumors, and various problems have attacked East Japan. What should I do for discussing without being caught by a certain politics and rights now?
We think through the Art Festival “Arafudo Art Annual 2013.”

2013-07-17/The newspaper Fukushima Minyu: “Artist of the 30 pairs at home and abroad gathered”. General Assembly was introduced.
2013-07-17/The newspaper Fukushima Minpo: “Festival of contemporary artists”. Appearance of the General Assembly was introduced.
2013-04-21to20/It participates in the 38th “Tsuchiyu wooden doll festival” modern art exhibition.
2012-12-11/The newspaper Fukushima Mimpo:”An art activates a hot spring town” organization meeting publishes.
2012-11-13/The newspaper YOMIURI: “Tsuchiyu Onsen revives with art” Signs that he walked along a town were introduced.

Tsuchiyu Arafudo Art Annual 2013